Friday, August 9, 2013

A lot of change has happened since the last post ...

Obviously, it's been a while ... a long while since I've blogged about the latest happenings with the Hornsby Family.  More than two years has gone by since that last post highlighting a fun trip with our dear friends the Morgan family who still live in Florida.  That blog makes me a bit sad since that was the last time we've seen our friends, but both families have decided enough is enough and have vowed we'll get together this fall.

What has happened in two years? Well ... our family was living in two cities to accommodate two jobs.  Since that time, I finished up 12 years with the City of Natchitoches, sold our home in central Louisiana and made a giant leap of faith by moving the entire family to West Monroe to join Shawn (not all in that order).  I've spent exactly one year as the president of the West Monroe-West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce - Chamber work is new to me but the past year has been a good one.  It's been filled with caring members of the community who want to see the area we live in grow and prosper and along the way, I've found an opportunity to help people and make new friends.

Shawn continues to find meaningful ways to serve people with his ministry at First United Methodist.  Being a preacher's wife wasn't something I could have ever imagined for myself, but I've been surprised at the joy I have found helping him serve others.  He continues to persevere with seminary and a master's of divinity is within his reach - exactly two years within his reach.  I have declared it so.

The kids are worth an entire blog entry of their own.  So many stories and updates to share, but all three are growing too quickly and consume a huge space in our hearts.  Summer is nearing an end, and we've enjoyed the extra time we get to spend together as a family.  Now, we are preparing for a fall semester of new classes and new opportunities and hopefully, more changes.

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